Our Approach

Dream big. Invest wisely. Deliver impact.

Catalytic Philanthropy

In the broadest sense and in its best form, philanthropy is inspired by a desire to effect meaningful change. Dream big. Invest wisely. Deliver impact.

We believe in philanthropy. It can be a tool to de-risk innovation, and shift the mindset from deficit (“But what if…?”) to one of possibility and abundance (“Why not!”). An investment in research can yield a new life saving drug. A commitment made to a budding social entrepreneur can transform lives. A quick response to a crisis provides empowerment, and hope. Resources help to propel ideas into action and reality.

We believe in Catalytic Philanthropy. We invest in people as much as we invest in their ideas that serve others. We want our investments, both financial and of our time, talent and energy to empower the transformations of tomorrow, today.


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