Model for Success

The Need

Our philanthropy comes from our own learning experiences. We have known and watched those who tried to tackle higher education on their own and failed to find the support they needed.

We believe that every person who desires to graduate from college deserves the opportunity and support to achieve that dream. Making that possibility a reality became our dream.

That is how our Suder Foundation was born.

The Building Blocks

We started by creating the First Scholars™ pilot program to provide holistic support to FirstGen students at a carefully selected group of universities. Ultimately, the overwhelming need to reach thousands of FirstGen students nationally led to our investment and partnership with NASPA to co-found The Center for First Generation Student Success to scale the First Scholars Network for national impact.

Today, many more institutions are positioned to support scaled student success for retention and graduation - but need strategies and guidance for results-driven implementation. For students to be empowered to succeed, the culture of the institution must also be transformed.

The Success

The First Scholars Network and the Center provide comprehensive, integrated frameworks for both institution and student success. Built upon 15 years of proven solutions and outcomes, First Scholars weaves sustainable FirstGen engagement into the fabric of every corner of the institution. The demonstrated impact and results flow systemically to all students and throughout the university. Ultimately, the First Scholars Network creates a vibrant national community of synergistic impact and continuous innovation.

We know this model works. We know it is scalable. And when we create a healthy cycle of progress and prosperity, the significance is felt not only in the lives of FirstGen students, but by all students and future generations.


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